This program was developed by high school educators because they found vaping was hurting the health and education of their students.  Students were placed in detentions or suspended from school because of the rampant use of electronic cigarettes. While students were being disciplined out of the classroom, a lot of school was being missed.  This program was designed to keep the students in the classroom while providing schools with a resource to help educate students about the negative health effects of using these addictive devices.

All ActionEducate courses, including VapeEducate, DiversityEducate, and AllyEducate, are evidence-based.  The online instructional approach engages students by incorporating pre-tests, mini-assessments, post-tests, and critical thinking short-essay prompts, allowing students to assimilate course information.  All courses are divided into units or chapters. Each chapter requires students to achieve an 80% mastery level to advance to the next chapter or unit. Students not achieving an 80% passage rate on each assessment must review the unit to gain the necessary skills to attain mastery.

In addition to the pre-assessment and post-assessments, mini-quizzes, and essay prompts, the course also incorporates an evidence-based voiceover strategy to further understanding using an auditory option.

Over 50,000 people throughout the world have completed our courses.  We are proud to say that all 50,000 students have attained at least an 80% passage rate on each course unit.

There are several ways this program can be used:

  1. An entire high school or middle school purchases the program for prevention as part of health courses or student orientation.
  2. Schools purchase the program for an anticipated number of uses in bulk. The school administrator then provides a student with the program on a case by case basis.
  3. Schools are asking students/parents to purchase the program on their own. A parent can purchase the program on their own and then provide the school with a print out of the certificate they get at the end of the course. Click here to purchase an individual course.
  4. Community members (parishes, social service organizations) purchase the program for individuals or in bulk for a prevention program.
  5. Parents/Guardians purchasing courses individually to help educate their child in their own at home. Click here to purchase an individual course.

We purposely designed the program so that students cannot speed through the program. Each slide has a time of 30 seconds before it allows the student to move on. In addition, there are mini quizzes between slides in each unit that they must complete in order to eventually reach the cumulative final unit test. Students are required to achieve a minimum score of 80% to move on to the next unit.

Yes, school designees (usually a principal or health course instructor) will receive an email confirmation each time a student completes the course and passes the exams with a score equal to or above the required 80% benchmark. 

Yes, the school group leader is able to monitor his/her assigned students as they progress through the course. The group leader is also able to see student exam performance.  This includes the ability to look at how the students performed on each question

Topics covered in the online course include: What is Vaping?, Vaping and E-Cigarettes Health Risks, How Marketing Targets our Youth, Vape Addiction, and Society Vape and You.  

At VapeEducate, we work hard to meet quick deadlines.  We understand every school administrator is facing his/her own unique circumstances. Typically, we can set up an account for your organization as soon as we have a purchase order number.  This number can be sent to us via email at info@vapeeducate.com  Click here to set up a school/organization account.  Individual purchases can be started as soon as payment is received via credit card.  Click here to purchase an individual course. Contact us and let us know what we can do to help.

Yes, we accept purchase orders.  Just get us a P.O. number and we can get you started today.

The cost of the course varies depending on the number of students taking the course in your organization.  Click here to find out more about course costs.

Yes, group leaders have full access to the course that does not count against their purchased seat licenses.

Yes, a parent will receive a group leader account where they will have access to the course and the ability to monitor his/her child’s progress.

Individual Purchases

Students that purchase the course individually will receive an email after confirming payment. The email will contain a link to begin the course.

Schools/Organizations That Purchase Licenses in Bulk with Named Users in Mind – ie: Entire Health Class, Mentoring Programs, etc.

You will receive an email with your group leader login information.  Once you log in, you will be able to upload students one at a time or in bulk.  It is in this dashboard that you will also be able to monitor student progress. 

Schools/Organizations That Purchase Licenses in Bulk with Named User to be Identified Later – ie: When Students Are Suspended

VapeEducate will email your group leader with login information. The group leader will assign students in the dashboard as needed.  

Licenses are good for 1 calendar year from purchase date. Licenses are per individual. Once an individual completes a course the license is considered “done/fulfilled”.  However, the student can still gain access to his/her license for the calendar year.

Additional licenses can be added at the bulk rate within one year from the original purchase date. In other words, you will receive the bulk discount for the greater number purchased.