How VapeEducate Can Teach Parents & Schools the Dangers of Vaping

VapeEducate is an immersive curriculum geared toward middle and high school students, as this is often the age when student begin experimenting with vaping. However, the information provided in these courses can also benefit anyone looking to learn about the dangers of vaping, including parents, teachers, principals, and community leaders. VapeEducate’s curriculum is designed to support parents and schools in helping their students through the curriculum. The course is also an excellent resource for adults to increase their awareness of the dangers of vaping. In the VapeEducate curriculum, there are seven (7) lessons total. These lesson topics include vaping health risks, how marketing targets the young, vape addiction, society, vape and you, vaping and marijuana, THC, etc., vaping timeline, and current events & COVID-19. Just as any strong teacher will intellectually prepare a lesson before teaching their students, it is wise for adults who plan to share this content with young people to do their research on the topic beforehand. This way, they can be prepared to answer students’ questions, lead valuable conversations, and be a strong liaison between the students and VapeEducate’s program. Students may need support processing this content and may have personal questions that only a trusted adult can answer. Therefore, adults must prepare by learning this content to best support their students.

For anyone – students or adults- who take VapeEducate’s immersive course, they will be led through seven (7) lessons. Each lesson has valuable information embedded about the many dangers of vape use. Short quizzes throughout each lesson keep participants engaged to ensure the retention of the course information. Once the participant has completed a unit, they must also complete an assessment and pass with a minimum score of 80%. Once this assessment is complete, the scores are to the school, parent, or community group – whoever decided to have people participate in this training. This training equips students to make wise decisions about vape use, and it also can inform parents and school staff with valuable information to help guide young people in navigating the pressure of vape use. The immersive curriculum provides valuable supplemental tools to support further understanding of vape use.

If you are a parent or school member unsure about VapeEducate and want to learn more, you can sign up for an online course demo before deciding if you want to purchase the program. This way, you can get a good feel for the content as well as the usability of the platform and can feel comfortable that the curriculum will be an asset to you and your student’s education. On the Demo website, VapeEducate has conveniently removed quizzes, timers, reflection questions, and tests so you can quickly view the course content.