VapeEducate is an online course consisting of 7 units. Students complete a mini-quiz, test and reflection statement at the end of each unit. Students must complete each section before moving on and score 80% or better on each unit assessment.

The course is designed for school districts, communities, health organizations, and families. Pricing is based on the projected enrollment. When schools and organizations purchase the course, a group leader is assigned that can monitor student course progress as well as assessment results.

We strive to make VapeEducate as affordable as possible. Please fill out the form at the right section  to receive a quote so you can obtain approval from your school or organization.

License BundlePriceDiscount
1-24 License$25.00 ea
25-49 Licenses$20.00 ea20%
50-74 Licenses$17.00 ea32%
75-99 Licenses$15.00 ea40%
100-199 Licenses$13.00 ea48%
200-299 Licenses$10.00 ea60%
300-499 Licenses$8.00 ea68%
500-999 Licenses$7.00 ea72%
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