VapeEducate is helping families, communities and schools know
the dangers associated with vaping.

We can help you teach young adults.

Vaping and our Youth

Vaping is a major concern for parents, school administrators and community members. Just when teenagers no longer think smoking is cool, vaping and e-cigarette use has skyrocketed. VapeEducate can help inform our country’s youth to prevent the next big health crisis.

Immersive Curriculum

VapeEducate is an online course originally designed to be completed by middle and high school students.  Anyone can benefit from learning more about e-cigarettes, vaping and Juuling.  It can also be used as an educational program for teachers, parents, and other community members.  The program is designed to be used as a tool which provides supplemental material to educate students about vaping.

Vaping: A new epidemic among youth

School, communities and families are taking action now. While there have been declines in tobacco use among youth, E-cig & Vape use among middle and high school students have been on the rise. The popularity of e-cigs & vapes among youth is of concern for health professionals, educators, and parents, in part because of the common misconception that these products are harmless and also because long-term consequences of e-cig/vape use are still not known. Keeping yourself current on accurate information is worthwhile so that you can be a trusted source of information for youth.

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